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The items shown are HO gauge model railway accessories in cast metal unless shown otherwise.
Photos below show models painted and detailed, however, items

Click on image for larger view.

  Item Number Description PktPrice
Sole Plates
556Sole Plates16$8.50
(no image)557Ladder etched Nickel-Silver2$8.50
(no image)558Oil Lanterns6$8.50
SRA Post Finials
559McKenzie & Holland Signal Post Finials (lost wax brass)6$8.50
Split Rail Fence x2560

Split Rail Fence x2
1 pack of 10 pieces makes approx. a 600mm length
(no image)561Wire Fencing1$11.00
Split Rail Fence x3562

Split Rail Fence x3 rails.
1 pack of 6 pieces makes approx. a 350mm length
563 Platform Fencing
563Platform Fencing
1 pack of 6 pieces makes approx. a 270mm length
Home Starting Signal570Home Starting Signal1$29.40
(no image)571Operational Signal with Brass Items1$39.00
Double Light Signal572Double Light Signal with LEDs1$29.50
Triple Light Signal573Triple Light Signal with LEDs1$39.90
Distant Signal574Distant Signal 1$30.50
Distant Signal Short Post575Distant Signal Short Post1$29.80
Milk Cans580Milk Cans7$11.00
(no image)581Milk Cans and Milk Buckets7$11.00
Banner Signal Double590Banner Signal Double3$11.00
Banner Signal Single591Banner Signal Single3$11.00
Dwarf Position Signal592Dwarf Position Signal4$11.00
Dwarf Signal593Dwarf Signal4$11.00
Hold-down Lever600Hold-down Lever3$11.00
Thompson Lever601Thompson Lever5$11.00
Throw-over Lever602Throw-over Lever in brass3$11.00
Farm Gate610Wooden Farm Gate2$11.00
Gate Posts611Farm Gate (etched brass) and Posts (cast metal)2$27.20
Gates with Rail Posts612Level Crossing Gates with Rail Posts (etched brass)2$31.00
(no image)6133ft Gates and Posts (etched brass)2$11.00
Cattle Grid620Cattle Grid1$13.25
Embankment Wall630Embankment Wall6$11.00
Shackle Rack640Shackle Rack1$13.25
Coupling Shackles and D Shackles
641Coupling Shackles and D Shackles12$8.50
Gum Tree Stumps650Gum Tree Stumps10$14.90
Cow Feeder and Water Tank660Cow Feeder and Water Tank2$16.60
Roller Chairs
670Roller Chairs x114$11.00
Roller Chairs671Roller Chairs x212$11.00
Adjusting Cranks
672Adjusting Cranks4$8.50
Water Crane680Water Column1$30.50
Water Crane681Water Column (operational)1$64.00
Water Column SRA 1920s682Water Column SRA 19251$34.50
Water Crane 1884683Water Column 18841$11.00
Wooden Barrels690Wooden Barrels6$11.00
Rubbish Piles710Rubbish Piles2$12.00
Platform Scales711Platform Scales2$11.00
Oil Storage Tank720Oil Storage Tank 1$12.00
Cattle Race730Cattle Race1$17.70
Four-wheel Luggage Cart740Four-wheeled Luggage Cart2$11.00
(no image)741Luggage Cart in brass1$11.00
Wool Bales750Wool Bales4$11.00
Platform Advertising Billboard760Platform Advertising Billboard1$12.00
Bridge Pier (plaster)770

Pair of Bridge Piers (plaster)
Pier is adjustable in height from 40mm to 92mm
Wheel Barrow780Wheel Barrow2$11.00
Coal Bin790Coal Bin1$12.00
Australian Post Box791Australian Post Box3$11.00
Mail Pill Box792Mail Pill Box3$11.00
Two-wheeled Farmer's Cart800Two-wheeled Farmer's Cart1$11.00
Two-wheeled Farmer's Cart and Horse801Two-wheeled Farmer's Cart and Horse1$17.50
Spoked Wheels802Spoked Wheels6$11.00
Old Car Tyres810Old Car Tyres8$11.00
Foot Warmers820Foot Warmers (loose)12$11.00
Joined Foot Warmers821Foot Warmers (joined)12$11.00
Foot Warmer Boiler822Foot Warmer Boiler1$19.90
5t Yard Crane8305t Yard Crane1$62.00
War Memorial840War Memorial1$38.20
Tunnel Portal850Tunnel Portal for single track (resin)1$24.30
Tunnel Portal Side Wings851Tunnel Portal Side Wings (resin)2$15.50
Tunnel Portal for twin tracks (plaster)852Tunnel Portal for twin tracks (plaster)1$32.00
Small Factory Chimney860Small Factory Chimney (plaster)
120mm high
Cable Drums
870Cable Drums2$11.00
Coal Buckets (Round)
880Coal Buckets (Round)3$11.00
Coal Buckets (Square)
881Coal Buckets (Square)3$11.00
Row Boat890Row Boat including oars1$11.00
Ship's Tank900Ship's Tank3$11.00

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