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60ft Well-type NSWGR turntable. O gauge/7mm
60ft well-type NSWGR turntable O gauge/7mm
Complete unit. Sold painted and ready to run
. Motorised and indexing.
Bridge length 415mm. Cutout 425mm.
Freight cost on application.
One piece formed metal well for great strength. Metal section reinforced polyurethane bridge for detail. Etched brass handrails and nickel silver track. DCC compatible. Three exit stall indexing with one entry track, but any number of extra tracks can be added. It's as simple as drilling a hole in the well side - jig and drill included. Unit comes complete with a 2.0m power control cable and switch unit - ready to install and connect. Requires 16 volt AC to operate. Electronically regulated power supply to the motor to run at the set speed under all voltage inputs or variations.